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Bats are a safety issue...
Keep all bats in one place on the field. Keep one parent there to supervise at all times.

Equipment will be lost...
Tell parents to put players' last name and phone number on all personal equipment (i.e. under the bill of the cap).

Buying a glove...
Find out which hand the player can throw most accurately with. Buy a glove for the opposite hand. Reccommmend a glove that closes easily.

Players do not know the field...
For very young players, run them around the bases before each game.

Home plate is the most dangerous position...
With young players, you may choose to eliminate the catcher position. Always have a coach with the catcher to guard against the following:

  • Batter throwing the bat
  • Upcoming batters swinging the bat
  • Catcher being hurt by runner from third

Young players are unfamiliar with the game
Your least experienced players need your best effort.

Parent's who are impatient with their own children...
Compliment their knowledge of baseball, "I see you know a lot about baseball." Then ask the parent to coach a specific position other than where their child is playing.

Rubber balls are a great training tool...
Tell the parents and players to practice with a rubber ball at home. Rubber balls are safer and rebound back to them.

Teach your parents some cheers...
Long game, hot day? Use the cheering parents to energize the defensive players.

Plastic sleeve for your team roster...
Your copy will get a lot of wear and tear. You also need to keep your copy dry.

Bats are a safety issue...
Keep all bats in one place on the field. Keep one parent there to supervise at all times (repeated for emphasis).

Call it alligator catching...
Have the players put their glove down close to the ground for grounders. Also, have them position the other hand on the heel of the glove. Otherwise, the ball may pop up and hit the player in the face.

Teach players to run through first base...
Position a coach five to ten feet behind first base, and just outside the base line, to give each player a high five as they run through.

Call the ball...
Teach players to call the ball while catching grounders; calling grounders makes it easier to teach them to call fly balls later in the season.

Use a longer base path if possible...
Fifty to 60 feet between bases gives the defensive players time to get the ball and complete the play. A longer base path also gives you more room to place extra players in defensive positions.

Assume all batters are going to throw the bat...
Place an object (i.e. a bat bag) down the first base line. Instruct all batters to carry the bat to that object and drop the bat at that point.

Parents who are critical of your coaching skills...
Admit you could use more coaches to help the team. Ask them to help at the next practice.

Batting tips...
Repeatedly say, "Watch the ball until the ball hits the bat."

If the player squares up to the plate, the ball will be hit to first base. Instruct the batter to move the lead foot back from the plate so the ball is not hit towards first base for an easy out.

Keep all bats in one place on the field. Keep one parent by the bats to supervise at all times.

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Positions for baseball,
i.e. 6---4---3 double play.

1 ------Pitcher


3-------First Base

4-------Second base

5-------Third Base

6-------Short Stop

7-------Left Field

8------ Center Field

9-------Right Field


6---4---3 double play
Short stop
Second Base