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Some coaches use certificates on a regular basis to motivate players; other coaches use certificates, instead of trophies, at the end of the season.

Coach Bruce wrote:
There is an award certificate in PowerPoint you can download from Microsoft (certificate examples). Almost everything on it can be modified to suit the team or player.

The head coach and assistant coach(es) sign the certificate and give it to the team captain (for that game) along with a new game ball signed with their name, team name, number, and date of game.(If you plan ahead, you may award a different player at each game).

To create certificates for future games, change the date on the computer and then open the file. It will then automatically fill in that date on the certificate.

I thought about buying some gold seals to put in place of the one on the certificate but I ended up not doing that.

Hope this helps the other coaches.
Thanks, Coach Bruce

Coach Loren wrote;
The first trophy I received was a sportsmanship award. Given to the player who did everything the coaches told them without question and did their best. Coach Loren

Another Coach Bruce wrote...

  • Most Improved Runner
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Most Valuable Team Worker
  • Golden Glove (Caught Most Balls)
  • Most Improved Attitude
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Most Determined
  • Best Attitude
  • Everyone's Biggest Buddy
  • Pays Best Attention to Instruction(Best Listener)
  • Best All Around.

Hope this helps
Coach Bruce

Coach Walker added -----based on my years of experience
and drawing from the information I have received
over the years---------as best I can remember.

Try these:

  • Best team leader
  • Best team member
  • Best team attitude
  • Best team builder
  • Best team motivation
  • Best team worker
  • Best team runner
  • Best team batter
  • Best team player-coach
  • Best team player
  • Best team base player
  • Best team fielder
  • Best team Catcher
  • Best team first base
  • Best team second base
  • Best team third base
  • Best team pitcher
  • Best team influence
  • Best team influence in the dugout
  • Best team influence on the field

Or start the title with "Most improved" and the list would go something like this;

  • Most improved team leader
  • Most improved team member
  • Most improved team attitude
    and so on-------I think you get the idea

Pick what you like from all these suggestions.
Of course put the team name and year on all certificates.

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