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*98.6% of T-ball coaches would personally recommend this workbook and video to another coach.

Have a fun and rewarding season.

Our first practice went beautifully. I had all the parents involved instructing the players. All the parents commented on how pleased they were with practice. I am very happy with your coaching system....... Great stuff!!! Many thanks for passing on your knowledge and techniques.

- Coach Steve Iooss, Virginia

First Season? Coach like a pro...

This was the first time I coached organized sports. I used your workbook and video. I liked your coaching philosophy, player rotation and coaching tips....... I liked it all!!! We had a great season. As a coach, I especially loved seeing my players smile when I told them "great game" or "great play" etc.

- Coach Brad Flitton, Utah

You said it best, my son thinks I am his hero....... All the players on the team became very good friends....... It is great to be part of their growing up.

- Coach Mike Klauck, Utah

Create a great team...

At first my son was one of the reluctant players. By the end of the year he developed a great love for the game... The practice activities and handouts worked great... My team coaches were impressed with the progress of the players throughout the season. Other teams were impressed with our organization.

- Coach Chris Jennings, Kentucky

Teach the players and include the parents...

We had some players who had never played baseball. Our coaches worked just as hard if not harder with the inexperienced players. Our last game, we played the best team in the league, and won 12-4. All our players worked together. We were a real team.

- Coach Janine Halverson, Texas

Peak Surveys, LLC. 2003 Customer Satisfaction Survey-
     *98.6% of T-ball coaches would personally recommend this workbook and video to another coach.

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This workbook is a compilation of:

  • Six years experience coaching beginning level players.
  • Six years of gathering the experiences of other coaches.
  • Instructing over 2,000 coaches of beginning level players.

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Positions for baseball,
i.e. 6---4---3 double play.

1 ------Pitcher


3-------First Base

4-------Second base

5-------Third Base

6-------Short Stop

7-------Left Field

8------ Center Field

9-------Right Field


6---4---3 double play
Short stop
Second Base